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Mavoric Arms is a brand affiliated to Alternatif Makine ve Silah Sanayi company which is owned by Mehmet Sulek. As a family business Mr. Sulek started to run his own business with production and design of walnut stocks and other parts of shotgun in 1977, in Beysehir. In 2004, in order to respond faster to the great demand of customers, Mr.Sulek founded Alternatif Makina ve Silah Sanayi company.

Mavoric Arms uses raw materials and equipment complying with world standards in production and uses the latest quality control techniques while working diligently with skilled personnel in order to maintain this quality in all production stages. All shotguns produced are tested under the most difficult conditions, taking into account the TSE, CIP and the official standards of the importing country. Mavoric Arms cares about its customers confidence before anything else and sends samples in advance to establish a long term trust.

The company offers unforgettable experiences to its customers with its stylish and high quality products which are produced by blending traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology. Mavoric Arms specializes in the production of customized shotguns in series production lines. In addition, in the 5000 square meter indoor production facility, it supplies shotgun parts to 40% of the other manufacturers in the local region as a subcontractor.

The company works with customers in many parts of the world and projects according to the demands of the region and supports its exclusive partners with its projects to grow together.


As a direct export brand of Alternatif Makina ve Silah Sanayi, Mavoric Arms offers its customers the best prices on the market with direct sales from the factory. Mavoric Arms is dedicated to producing durable, safe and stylish shotguns with affordable prices to serve all the customers around the world.


Providing continuity as the first choice of customers with the most valuable service and product quality in the world, becoming a leading brand in the sector

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